November 2, 2020

Manage campaigns with ease

We love your feedback. One of the most requested features is the ability to remove campaigns from the campaign management dashboard. We spent time to design and develop the best solution in terms of how organizations and groups want to manage the status of their campaign.

Today, we introduce an exciting new feature that allows you to both Archive and Delete the campaign from your dashboard! In addition, we have also enabled the creation of a campaign without pre-populating a bunch of random information. 4giving now allows you to create your perfect campaign right away! Below we'll discuss campaign archiving, deleting and creation.

Archiving, here we go!

What is archiving? We recognize that the lifespan of a campaign may be limited and individuals may not want to view that campaign in their dashboard forever. Enter the ability to archive that campaign. When you archive a campaign, you will not lose any data associated with that campaign. All data, specifically donations, will still be viewable from the proper sections. Your archived campaign will be removed from the left hand campaign menu and will be removed from the public donation page.

You will be able to find your archived campaigns on your campaigns page and under the "archived" tab. The option to unarchive a campaign is also available. Unarchiving will then re-enable the campaign's public page and add it back to your left hand navigation.

But what about Remove?

When you decide it's time to archive a campaign but you really don't even wish to see that campaign in your archived list, what then? You can also remove it all together! This will remove it from your dashboard in its entirety. We still retain the donation data, that will not delete, but you will no longer be able to access the campaign.

What's the news about creating a new campaign?

We're so glad you asked! We've adjusted the new campaign experience to simplify how you design your campaign from the get go. Instead of pre-populating your campaign page with a bunch of text and pictures, you are now in complete control of how your campaign page looks. We have a few minimal requirements (an image, title and short description), however from there you can slowly build out your campaign as you see fit.

Additionally, if you decide to cancel campaign creation, you will no longer see a placeholder "My Fundraiser" campaign in your dashboard!

Look forward to more exciting feature release posts in the coming weeks!