August 11, 2020

City Parks Departments Find Innovative Way to Raise Funds

The city of Rochester, Minnesota, and the Rochester Parks Foundation recently launched a new, innovative way of fundraising for a new city park project.

In August 2020, the Rochester Parks Foundation launched a community fundraising drive to raise the last dollars needed to open a splash pad water park. The splash pad was originally planned by the Rochester Parks Department for the summer of 2020 but budget restrictions left the project short of the funds needed for completion.

The splash pad, designed to be placed in Lincolnshire park, was to be the first such water park in the city. And the fundraiser has a local twist. Under the guidance of the Rochester Parks Foundation (Andy Masterpole) reaching their goal of $100,000 will see the Splash Pad open for use in summer 2021!

Here is a highlight of the media coverage of the Rochester Splash Pad.

NBC affiliate, KTTC:

ABC affiliate, KAAL-TV:

Rochester Post Bulletin:

CBS affiliate, KIMT

The 4Giving Rochester splash pad fundraising page can be found here.

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