October 13, 2020

Don't Let 'Everyday Giving' Fall From your Funding Tree and Blow in the Wind

As the fall season gives way to the final months of 2020, maximize your donors’ support before the end of the year with the creation of an 'Everyday Giving' campaign.

By encouraging your donors to give, outside of a specific fundraising event, you keep your donor engaged, increase their support, and affinity to your organizational mission. Here are some simple steps for marketing, promotion, and outreach to get your ‘Everyday Giving Page’ started.

As affinity grows between your organization's mission and the donor, so does the passion. That means donors will become more involved, wanting to pitch-in and help achieve the mission's funding goals and objectives. Encourage your donors to share with their network.

As a result of your Everyday Giving campaign, donors will become more loyal, opting to give on a recurring basis. Tips on how to increase recurring donations.

Finally, as COVID concerns and CDC precautions continue, contactless giving is more important now than ever before. Leverage the tools within your Everyday Giving campaign to reach and convert donors through contactless measures, including effectively using your unique QR code.

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